7.81 Break Room Policy

Pratts provides a break room for uses that include, but is not limited to, meal breaks, training meetings, storage of employees' food and property, and preparation of pets' fresh fruits and vegetables.

This room needs to be clean at all times for a safe meal break environment. The following are some rules that must be followed to insure cleanliness:

* Any mess made by an employee must be cleaned up immediately after the mess is made
* No animals may be kept in the break room for any reason without supervisor's consent
* No dishes may be left in the sink - they must be cleaned and put in the drying rack
* No animals, or animal foods are to be kept in the employee refrigerator or freezer
* The trash container must be emptied daily, and a trash bag must be replaced to line the
inside of the trash container after emptied

* No rated 'R' movies or distasteful media of any kind are allowed in the break room

If any unapproved items are put in the break room, supervisors or the owner have the right to move or confiscate any of the unapproved materials, even if they belong to an employee.

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