7.22 Workplace Etiquette

Pratts strives to maintain a positive work environment where employees treat each other with respect and courtesy. Sometimes issues arise when employees are unaware that their behavior in the workplace may be disruptive or annoying to others. Many of these day-to-day issues can be addressed by politely talking with a co-worker to bring the perceived problem to his or her attention. In most cases, common sense will dictate an appropriate resolution. Pratts encourages all employees to keep an open mind and graciously accept constructive feedback or a request to change behavior that may be affecting another employee's ability to concentrate and be productive.

The following workplace etiquette guidelines are not necessarily intended to be hard and fast work rules with disciplinary consequences. They are simply suggestions for appropriate workplace behavior to help everyone be more conscientious and considerate of co-workers and the work environment. Please contact the owner if you have comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding these workplace etiquette guidelines.

* Replace paper in the copy machine and printer paper trays when they are empty.
* Keep the area around the copy machine and printers orderly and picked up.
* Avoid public accusations or criticisms of other employees. Address such issues privately with those involved or your supervisor.
* Refrain from using inappropriate language (swearing) that others may overhear.
* Avoid discussions of your personal life/issues in public conversations that can be easily overheard.
* Monitor the volume when listening to music, voice mail, or a speakerphone that others can hear.
* Clean up after yourself and do not leave behind waste or discarded papers.

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