7.05 Personal Appearance

Dress, grooming, and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees and affect the business image Pratts presents to customers and visitors.

During business hours or when representing Pratts, you are expected to present a clean, neat, and tasteful appearance. You should dress and groom yourself according to the requirements of your position and accepted social standards. This is particularly true if your job involves dealing with customers or visitors in person.

Your supervisor or department head is responsible for establishing a reasonable dress code appropriate to the job you perform. If your supervisor feels your personal appearance is inappropriate, you may be asked to leave the workplace until you are properly dressed or groomed. Under such circumstance, you will not be compensated for the time away from work. Consult your supervisor if you have questions as to what constitutes appropriate appearance. Where necessary, reasonable accommodation may be made to a person with a disability.

Without unduly restricting individual tastes, the following personal appearance guidelines should be followed:

* Shoes must provide safe, secure footing, and offer protection against hazards.
* Tank tops, tube or halter tops, or "short-shorts" may not be worn under any

* Mustaches and beards must be clean, well trimmed, and neat.
* Hairstyles are expected to be in good taste.
* Unnaturally colored hair and extreme hairstyles, such as spiked hair and shaved heads, do
not present an appropriate professional appearance.

* Facial jewelry, such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings, and tongue studs, is not
professionally appropriate and must not be worn during business hours.

* Torso body piercings with visible jewelry or jewelry that can be seen through or under
clothing must not be worn during business hours.

* Visible excessive tattoos and similar body art must be covered during business hours.

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