2.12 Salary Administration

The salary administration program at Pratts was created to achieve consistent pay practices, comply with federal and state laws, mirror our commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity, and offer competitive salaries within our labor market. Because recruiting and retaining talented employees is critical to our success, Pratts is committed to paying its employees equitable wages that reflect the requirements and responsibilities of their positions and are comparable to the pay received by similarly situated employees in other organizations in the area.

Compensation for every position is determined by several factors, including the essential duties and responsibilities of the job, and salary survey data on pay practices of other employers. Pratts periodically reviews its salary administration program and restructures it as necessary.

Employees should bring their pay-related questions or concerns to the attention of their immediate supervisors, who are responsible for the fair administration of departmental pay practices. The owner is also available to answer specific questions about the salary administration program.

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